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Never one to disappoint, I make up for the relative obscurity of the items on this list by giving you that little extra push over the cliff… One extra entry! Now don't you feel special. (Updated weekly and in no particular order.)

To(p) Eleven 2002:

The list of candidates was long (over 175 viewed over the course of the year) and the competition tough… and finally you are treated to the top eleven best and worst movies I witnessed over the course of the year. Double dip for this year's final installment of the To(p) Eleven. Who could ask for more? (Note: These are in no particular order… What, you expect me to be able to sort as well as critique?)

To(p) Eleven Best:
  1. Death to Smoochy: I can feel your look… Hated by virtually everyone who saw it, I am going to go out on a serious limb here and say that, yes, I loved this movie. (Read the review here.) Perhaps it was the company with whom I saw it. Perhaps it was my mood. Perhaps it was the endless stream of hilarious double entendre and wackiness displayed on screen. Whatever the combo, I found this one to be vastly underrated.
  2. American Beauty:Yes, yes, I know. This came out several years ago (1999 to be exact) but it is still a fine film and I did manage to check it out on a couple of occasions in 2002. If you haven't seen it, do. If you have, watch it again. Great storytelling.
  3. Monster's Inc. Again, a contender from another year (2001) but, hey, I saw it, I loved it, rent it today.
  4. Pulp Fiction: Hey, I watch a lot of video and try to keep supplied with talent. Pulp Fiction has plenty.
  5. Dogtown and Z-Boys: An amazing experience. Dogtown and Z-Boys documents the origin of the skateboard culture as we know it today. Truly one of the finest documentaries I have seen, this film simply rocks.
  6. The Vanishing: The original version of course… And a film that deserves a second look (or first for those of you unfortunate enough to have missed it). Reviewed here.
  7. The Silence of the Lambs: With the re-do of Manhunter (Red Dragon), I felt obliged to return to the classic and let me tell you, it was worth it.
  8. The Royal Tenenbaums: Fortunately, I had the opportunity to see this several times this year and enjoyed every minute. An amazingly rich film and one not to be missed.
  9. The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring: Who would have thought Peter Jackson would turn out one of the best movies of the year. I am still waiting to see the next one and will most likely have a last minute addition to this list.
  10. Bowling for Columbine: Though occasionally heavy-handed, Bowling for Columbine is an interesting and thoughtful look at U.S. gun policy and all the problems therein. A must see.
  11. Monster's Ball: The final selection was a little rough with so many films from which to choose. Billy Bob and Halle did a phenomenal job in this 2001 flick.

  12. …and two last minute additions:
  13. Lord of the Rings: Two Towers: Yet another great effort by Jackson. Even better than Fellowship.
  14. Adaptation: Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman collaborate once again for one of the most compelling, yet simultaneously bizarre movie-going adventures out there.
And the To(p) Eleven Worst:
  1. Kurt and Courtney: Quite possibly the worst documentary, if not the worst movie of all time. Read the review here.
  2. Videodrome: Yes, I actually sat through this piece of crap. Horrid.
  3. Top Secret: Ya know… this is one of those movies that I have tried to watch on several occasions without success. I finally saw the whole thing and now I know why I had so much trouble on previously attempted viewings. Val Kilmer actually sings. Criminal.
  4. Ugh. Living through the Dot Bomb era was bad enough. No one should be forced to watch it as "entertainment".
  5. Insomnia (2001): For the most part, I hate remakes. This one was no exception. What was Christopher Nolan thinking following up Memento with this? For shame.
  6. Any Given Sunday: Pacino again. I am noticing a trend. Oliver Stone and Cameron Diaz don't help matters much.
  7. Windtalkers: Woo and Cage together again. You knew it probably wouldn't be pretty but you thought it would be at least a little amusing. Guess what. It wasn't.
  8. Donnie Darko: I really should have known better. A Drew Barrymore vehicle? What was I thinking?
  9. Homegrown: Wow. Billy Bob must have owed someone HUGE. This flick sucked.
  10. The Man Who Fell to Earth: I know, I know. At the risk of offending every Bowie fan on the planet, I must go on record stating unequivocally that this film was not… good. Period.
  11. Doctor Doolittle 2: So Eddie had some bills to pay. I feel dirty knowing I helped. Very dirty.
So that's this week's To(p) Eleven. Have a list you would like me to try to generate? Send me a request.

Critter Critique: This week's review brought to you by Gavin.
Fatal Attraction:  Yet another example of Hollywood schlock served up in a double boiler. Though Fatal Attraction starts innocently enough, I was shocked and appalled to witness the on-screen atrocity put forth as entertainment in act three. Trust me, this one is not fit for man nor beast. Ginger Pants