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Never one to disappoint, I make up for the relative obscurity of the items on this list by giving you that little extra push over the cliff… One extra entry! Now don't you feel special. (Updated weekly and in no particular order.)

Bug Flicks:

  1. Microcosmos: An excellent documentary. Exceptionally well shot and vastly entertaining.
  2. A Bug's Life: Pixar rules.
  3. Men in Black: Near perfect. Great story, acting AND plenty of bugs.
  4. The Conversation: Takes the stereotype of paranoid conspiracy theorist to the next level and features the other kind of bugs.
  5. Vampire's Kiss: Nick Cage did some nutty stuff for this flick. The least of which: cockroach consumption.
  6. Starship Troopers: The B-Movie with A-Movie bugs. BIG ones.
  7. The Matrix: Takes both meanings of the word to the next level.
  8. The Wrath of Khan: Corners the market on those creepy ear thingies. Plus you can't really go wrong with Ricardo Montalban. Actually, you can. Strike that.
  9. Hairspray: Do the Roach.
  10. Rushmore: Bees galore.
  11. Kafka: From the man who gave us Metamorphosis
So that's this week's To(p) Eleven. Have a list you would like me to try to generate? Send me a request.

Critter Critique: This week's review brought to you by Gavin.
Fatal Attraction:  Yet another example of Hollywood schlock served up in a double boiler. Though Fatal Attraction starts innocently enough, I was shocked and appalled to witness the on-screen atrocity put forth as entertainment in act three. Trust me, this one is not fit for man nor beast. Ginger Pants