Misunderstood and VASTLY underrated.


Cliffnotes review:
Misunderstood and VASTLY underrated.

This film goes to: 11
Rated (R)
Directed by: Danny De Vito
Starring: Edward Norton, Robin Williams, Catherine Keener, Danny De Vito, Jon Stewart
Written by: Adam Resnick
101 minutes
Warner Bros.
Official Site

Normally, when my stomach hurts this badly the day after an event, it is because I a) drank WAY too much, b) got the crap beaten out of me by a gang of errant youths c) picked up a serious case of salmonella from some disgusting greasy spoon or d) all of the above. In this case, however, it is because I spent 101 minutes laughing my friggin' ass off at the oft misunderstood masterpiece "Death to Smoochy".

Someone must have sucked the life out of the majority of critics out there who have been at a loss to find anything good to say about this film. Frankly, I think they all smoke crack as "Smoochy" was hilarious from the gun delivering political commentary, satire, sexual innuendo and double-entendre, splendid acting and cinematography, compelling characters and laughs galore throughout. I can't remember the last time I actually sat through all the credits of a film. "Smoochy" left me giggling uncontrollably through the credits, while exiting the theatre and all the way to my car. (Note to reader: the author was not high during the screening of this film). Sure, some of the characters are painted with a fairly broad stroke and resolution is achieved at a rapid pace but it is a COMEDY for Pete's sake&133; sit back and enjoy the ride.

"Smoochy" spoofs children's television with the story of the sexually ambiguous evil clown Rainbow Randolph (explicative-ladenly portrayed by Robin Williams) who is busted in an FBI sting and subsequently booted out of his time slot. The TV execs need a squeaky-clean rube to take his place. Enter Smoochy, aka Sheldon Mopes (good-naturedly played by Edward Norton), the bastard son of Barney. No one is particularly enthused about Smoochy's rise to greatness as the entire system is rife with corruption and a host of characters take it upon themselves to plot Smoochy's demise. Hilarity ensues.

People, please. Pay attention to this film. Thoughtful casting (Note Harvey Firestein as the heavy), superior writing (Rainbow Randolph's theme song and gags galore come to mind), beautiful cinematography (a world sculpted from PlayDough has been created) and incredibly apt satire combine for a film-going experience that will leave you rolling in the aisles. De Vito has outdone himself here and writer, Adam Resnick, deserves nods for stringing together some of the funniest stuff to hit the screens in years. Do yourself a favor, rush out and see "Death to Smoochy" and your "Amazing Abs" workout for the next few weeks.

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