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Never one to disappoint, I make up for the relative obscurity of the items on this list by giving you that little extra push over the cliff… One extra entry! Now don't you feel special. (Updated weekly and in no particular order.)

Movie Serial Killers: WARNING–SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

  1. Hannibal Lecter: From Silence, NOT Hannibal. Sir Anthony did his best work here.
  2. Paul & Mary Bland: Eating Raoul munchers played by Mary Woronov & Paul Bartel.
  3. John Doe: Se7en's baddy. Who wouldn't open their door to Kevin Spacey?
  4. Gladys Leeman: Kirstie Alley shows Rebecca's good side in Drop Dead Gorgeous.
  5. John Ryder: Rutger Hauer. Hitcher. 'Nuff said.
  6. Patrick Bateman: Did he or didn't he? Christian Bale in American Psycho.
  7. Jame "Buffalo Bill" Gumb: The other Silence creep. Ted Levine shines.
  8. Beverly R. Sutphin: Kathleen Turner kicks ass and bakes cakes in John Water's Serial Mom.
  9. Freddy Krueger: Robert Englund killed one other when he took this Nightmare on Elm Streetrole… any hope of a career after Freddy.
  10. Henry: Michael Rooker is a bad, bad man in this film based on a true story… Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.
  11. Chucky: You can't really go wrong when you combine a doll and a butcher knife. (Child's Play)
So that's this week's To(p) Eleven. Have a list you would like me to try to generate? Send me a request.

Critter Critique: This week's review brought to you by Gavin.
Fatal Attraction:  Yet another example of Hollywood schlock served up in a double boiler. Though Fatal Attraction starts innocently enough, I was shocked and appalled to witness the on-screen atrocity put forth as entertainment in act three. Trust me, this one is not fit for man nor beast. Ginger Pants